Vallicelli 65 ´Nababbo ex Nastro Azzurro, a piece of sailing history, a lady of the sea, here´s her story

Nababbo is a ULDB (Ultra Light Desplacement Boat) of 19.71 meters for a weight of 17.8 tons. It was created by the Vallicelli studio by modifying the design of the cruise version presented in the Giornale della Vela in issue 11 of 1990.

The interiors were lightened, the keel replaced and modifications made to the deck equipment. Only this series hull, being built for racing, was built in carbon, Kevlar and Vinilester resin.
The boat, sponsored by the well-known Nastro Azzurro brand, was designed to participate in the 1992 “Grande Regata di Colombo” (Colombiadi), which it won by beating the famous Merit and Safilo, with the famous Mauro Pelaschier at the helm.
At the same time as this victory, which has remained etched in the history of world sailing, there was also the victory in the San Pellegrino Trophy in New York
Nabab, better known directly with the name of his sponsor Nastro Azzurro has made a lot of talk about himself over the years.
His successes have been innumerable, to name a few:

1991 – Victory of the Portofino Spring Regatta
1991 – Absolute victory in the Assopen championship
1991 – Victory at the Riva di Traiano winter championship
1991 – Rimini-Corfu-Rimini (2nd place)
! 992 – Victory of the Great Columbus Regatta
1992 – Victory of the San Pellegrino Trophy (Great Hudson Regatta) in New York
1994 – Roma per Due (2nd place)
1994 – Rimini-Corfu-Rimini (3rd place)

1995 – Transat des Alizes

1996 – Antigua Sailing Week
2005 – Carthago Dilecta Est (3rd place)

Nababbo was an absolute protagonist of the international regattas of the 90s.
In 1995 the boat changed ownership, the Owner Giorgio Saviotti sold it to Massimo Buzzi, who made some changes: the boat abandoned its original livery, white with a blue and a red stripe (the colors of the Nastro Azzurro beer) to become all gray with yellow details.
The owner Buzzi also changes the name of the boat which from Nabab becomes “MSABU” which in Swahili means “The great lady”, a name that identifies her perfectly, in fact when she is sailing or is simply stopped at the mooring she is really a “GREAT LADY” “of the sea …
Even with the name “MSABU” it is talked about … in fact it wins, setting a speed record with a time of 14 days 04h and 13min, the 1995 edition of the “Transat des Alizès”. This edition is sadly known due to the tragedy of the sinking of the “PARSIFAL”. Since the Parsifal tragedy occurred during this regatta, the organizers decided not to organize this regatta again in the years to come and therefore the MSABU record remains undefeated.
In 2000 the boat changed hands again and was bought by Dr. Rinaldo Majno who brought it back to its original colors and changed its name again, from MSABU to Ilhasolteira.
With the name Ilhasolteira it continues to maintain its fame, participating in some important regattas such as the Giraglia Rolex Cup, the Middle Sea Race and many others.
The boat will also be used for the “Matti per la vela” project sponsored by the Italian Yacht Club and part of the famous “Telecom Progetto Italia”.
In this period aboard Ilhasolteira the disabled children of the neuropsychiatry department of the Galliera hospital in Genoa take part in various regattas, with also excellent placings, also due to the fact that at the helm of the boat there were alternatively Giovanni Soldini and Alessandra Sensini .
To remember the regattas “Carthago Dilecta Est 2005 and Handy Cup of Cala Galera 2005.

In 2012 the boat changed hands again and was purchased by the current owners Giulia and Francesco Piras who, after a complete refit, brought it back to its maximum splendor and who continue to participate in many regattas with great passion, including the “Vintage sails. di Imperia – 2014 Panerai trophy (6th place in the IOR class), the 2014 “Grimaldi” Trophy (1st place in real time on the Sanremo-Montecalo regatta), the IOR Revival of the Sanremo Yacht Club (2nd place), the Rolex Capri International Regatta 2016 (3rd classified in class and 4th Overall) and the Giraglia Rolex Cup 2016 (7th in class).
The refit that was carried out was very important and gave the boat considerable comfort for cruising, although maintaining the performance of a racehorse.
Always with the aim of maintaining the originality of the boat, the owners have decided to give the boat its original name again and so … makes anyone feel like a real Nabab !!