Full week on a sailing boat with skipper on the French Riviera – The Gulf of La Napoule

The Gulf of Napoule, also known as the Gulf of Cannes, is the stretch of coast and sea between the tip of Palm Beach, Pointe Croisette and the tip located in the small village of Théoule sur Mer, Pointe de l’Aiguille.
The gulf, in addition to the famous city of Cannes, which we have already discussed in depth in our previous article, hosts other places that are a little less known but no less beautiful and full of charm.
Leaving Cannes we first find Cannes la Bocca, the industrial part of the city, whose beach is of fine sand. At about half of its beaches we find the characteristic “Rocher Rouges” an imposing rock that gives the impression of having been placed on the beach directly from the sky: nothing around seems to resemble it.
Shortly after, continuing our navigation we will find the mouth of the Siagne river, in the first part navigable by boats with a modest draft and with a maximum height that is not too significant to allow it to pass under the bridges. Sailing along the river you will reach the port of la Siagne – Port de Cannes Marina, a private port built in the river in the center of a residential village. Continuing to go up the river you can find further small private basins with piers of which the largest are the Marco Polo port and the Marina Park.
After passing the mouth of the Siagne, you quickly reach the village of Mandelieu-La Napoule. As soon as you arrive, your gaze is immediately struck by the majestic fortified castle built in the fourteenth century by the will of the counts of Villeneuve in a truly crazy position “pied dans l’eau”. The building was entirely renovated in the twentieth century by the will of the owners of the time: Henry and Marie Clews, belonging to a wealthy family of American bankers. Henry Clews was an excellent artist and decided to use his castle not only as his home but also as a studio. The works are still on display inside the mansion which is currently managed by a foundation set up by the heirs.
The main port of Mandelieu is Port La Napoule, very large and equipped with all services, it can accommodate almost 1000 boats and is built right next to the castle we mentioned. It is a public port given in concession to private individuals that has all the characteristics of a modern tourist marina. Its breakwater separates it from the Riou de l’Argentière, which can also be navigated by boats of modest size.
A short distance from the port of La Napoule, separated from the small but beautiful beach of La Raguette, is the municipal port of the town called Port de La Rague.
La Rague is also equipped with all the necessary services for pleasure boating and inside we find a diving center that accompanies its customers on a daily basis to make beautiful dives along the coast of the Estérel massif.
The De La Rague port is overlooked by another beautiful castle called Domain d’Agecroft which houses a hotel inside. Another distinctive sign of the port, of which it has almost become the symbol is the majestic bridge that overlooks it looking towards the land and which ideally separates the main basin from the basin that houses piers 4,5,6 and 7.
Often our skippers during sailing cruises on the Côte d’Azur take advantage of Port de La Rague for a fuel stop or anchor in the small bay in front of the port which is very well sheltered and overlooked by enchanting buildings.
Continuing along the bay we reach the village of Théoule sur Mer, a wonderful village with a small marina for small boats and tenders that seems to be enclosed within the walls of the magnificent castle that bears the same name as the village. The castle was born from the ruins of an ancient soap factory of the sixteenth century, over time it had multiple functions and now houses a luxury hotel inside.
Anchored in the bay of Théoule you can do many activities such as parasailing and various towed water sports as well as beautiful swims towards the numerous sandy beaches: the sandy shore to the east of the port, the castle beach, or the beautiful beaches that you they can find by heading towards the boss.
The latter are certainly the most beautiful and are the Plage de la Petite Fontaine and the Plage de l’Aiguille, on which there is a typical Provencal restaurant.
During a week on a sailing boat on the Côte d’Azur with skipper and also during the whole days on the boat organized by Nababbo Sail, often, our skippers make a short stop at Punta De l’Aiguille to allow the most fearless of our welcome guests to take a swim inside the numerous caves and take a dip from the cliffs that overlook them.
Good wind!