Full week on a sailing boat on the French Riviera with skipper – The Esterel area

During a cruise or a week-long sailing holiday aboard one of our skippered rental boats on the Côte d’Azur, after visiting the beautiful Lérins Islands and after a nice dive from the caves of Théôule sur Mer, our skippers generally they direct the prow of our sailing boats to the west, to go towards the famous Saint Tropez along a stretch of coast that is very little known, especially to us Italians: the area of ​​the Esterél massif. The sea is crystal clear, there are splendid coves and calanques with sandy beaches and the whole is dominated by wonderful red rocks that accompany us to Saint Raphael. As soon as you leave, you pass in front of the private ports, which are part of the homonymous tourist complexes of “La Galere” and “La Figuerette” and then continuing, past some very well-marked shoals, you arrive in the beautiful bay of the “calanque des Nissards”, which we normally call the bay “the bridge”. A beautiful cove, with turquoise water and a sandy beach at the bottom, surrounded by dream villas and dominated by a very high and very scenic bridge.
Continuing with the navigation, our captains and skippers will show you the famous bay of Agay, a very well sheltered round bay, which shelters from the east wind on one side and from the west wind on the other. On the east side of the bay there is a buoy field where our boats sometimes stop. In Agay there are many nice restaurants, some of which are located right on the beach, it is worth going there, at least for an aperitif, while our crews prepare you a super dinner!
Another thing worth doing in Agay is going up the river that flows into the bay with the tender. The river is navigable for about 3 kilometers, after which the seabed rises and it is no longer possible to continue but, already in the practicable section, you can live a beautiful experience that smells of adventure!
After visiting Agay we leave and if we want, just after the cape, Cap du Dramont, we can anchor again near the beautiful island called “Ile d’Or”, on which stands a truly spectacular private tower.
Our skippers usually anchor between the small island and the port of Poussai, so our guests can go for a ride with the stand up paddles we have on board and quickly reach the beach next to the landing and the various red rocks. and greens that surround the bay.
The vast and deep Gulf of Frejus opens up from the Ile d’Or. Normally our skippers cut straight across the gulf to head towards the gulf of Saint Tropez and therefore we do not visit the villages of the gulf, up to Saint Maxime. Obviously, being sailing holidays and “tailor made” boat cruises, if our guests would like to see these places, they should only ask our skippers to stay in the area and so they could visit them!
Good wind!!