Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monte Carlo, we are running out !!!

We are in May and in the Principality of Monaco the atmosphere is the classic one of major events, in fact the last preparations are in full swing in Monte Carlo. From Friday the engines of the single-seaters will roar again, which as every year since 1929 have come here in the heart of the Côte d’Azur to battle for the last thousandth.
Everything moves, the work and organization that necessarily exist “behind the scenes” of such an event is incredible.
Being a city route, protection nets are installed along the entire track, the curbs are drawn on the ground along the famous curves, the high rows of tires are positioned to protect them during any collisions, the stands and maxi screens are set up in many points of the circuit and prepare the garages along the famous avenue that runs along the port dominated by the Monegasque automobile club.
The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​perhaps the most beautiful and exciting to see because the location is incredible, technically it is very difficult and has passages known all over the world even by those who are not passionate about car racing. The most famous points are, to name a few, the chicane, the tobacconist’s curve, the Fairmont curve, the swimming pools, the rascasse and the tunnel.
The famous tunnel is in fact right next to the new headquarters of the Yacht Club of Monaco and the lucky members and their guests always gather on the various balconies of the famous club to see their favorites pass and hear the sound of the engines whizzing at maximum power. Obviously in recent years the cheering is almost all for him, the host, the great Charles Leclerc, the Monegasque who currently races for Ferrari. During the three key days of the event all of Monaco is packed with people, on all the balconies you can see decorated banquets and people who meet to watch practice, qualifying and then the race on Sunday.
Who will win this year? Impossible to say, Monte Carlo is an unpredictable race, anything can happen!
What is certain is that, as usual, the influx of audiences is enormous, people arrive from all over the world, enthusiasm is sky-high and everything is fantastic.
The main port of the beautiful city-state, Port Hercule, is full of boats whose captains and owners compete for the best seat, reserving their berths even one or more years in advance.
We at Nababbo Sail are ready to welcome the many tourists who also have the pleasure of taking a nice boat trip on the French Riviera and Montecarlo in the company of our skippers. Nabab, Neverland, Obelix, Peter Pan and all our boats are polished and ready to welcome you in the best possible way, always with an atmosphere of party, relaxation and fun !!
Fair wind and may the best win!